Color Burn


What is a cool / cold burn smoke grenades

This cool burn study is only applicable to the Smoke Grenades we sell.

Approx Duration: 90 sec both small and large


This product is safe in the hands of responsible users. But some carry more risks than others. One of the most frequent questions we are asked is 'What is the fire risk or are they cool burn?'

A Managed Risk

The usage of smoke grenades in dry areas is a managed risk; if your woodland or area is bone dry and predominantly bracken floors then you need to manage the risk more vigilantly.  Having fire fighting equipment available at all times.

Cool Burn

The term “cool burn” or “cold burning” usually refers to the fact that there is no external flame produced and that the temperature of the cartridge is lower than the military and marine distress smokes (which get very hot), thus reducing the risk of fire. However there is a possibility of fire with ANY smoke grenade and no smoke grenade should be used on or near easily flammable materials without an understanding the hazards and a thought out system to manage the risks.

ALL smoke grenades that produce smoke from a wire/ring pull, friction fuse or similar ignition, produce smoke from a formula that burns without the need for atmospheric oxygen. Once ignited is very difficult to stop, until all composition within is burnt. Due to this, the grenade casing does get warm and the smoke within 6” of the grenade is hot and could potentially burn.

Our smokes produce some sparks on ignition but no flame and so after the initial start-up of the grenade, our Smoke bombs are considered “cool burn” or “cold burning” given the above definition. During the production of smoke, our products do produce heat but we have tried to keep this to a minimum and so our devices although they do get warm, can be held in the hand during the functioning of the device, however the heat does increase post functioning as there is a lag in the heat transfer through the device due to the insulating effect of the cardboard. We strongly recommend that anyone using this product wears gloves.

Hazard Information and Risk Identification


All Pyrotechnic smokes produce heat and thus may cause fires.